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Empowering Dreams

Our Mission in Offering Free Real Estate Classes

At The Impact Academy, we believe in empowering individuals to achieve their dreams of homeownership and professional success in real estate. Our mission to offer free real estate license classes to underserved and African-American communities is deeply rooted in personal experience and a commitment to positive change.

Here's how we're making an impact:

  • Community Empowerment: We're dedicated to empowering communities by providing them with the education necessary to unlock career opportunities and achieve financial stability.

  • Diversity in the Industry: Our classes are a stepping stone towards a more diverse and inclusive real estate industry, enriching it with varied perspectives and ideas.

  • Breaking Barriers: By offering these classes, we're dismantling economic and educational barriers, creating equal opportunities for all.

  • Building Trust: Our engagement with underserved communities is a cornerstone in building trust and establishing The Impact Academy as a supportive and reliable presence.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: At The Impact Academy, we stand for social justice and equity, and our educational programs reflect our commitment to these values.

  • Networking and Relationships: Our courses serve as networking hubs, fostering valuable connections that benefit both our students and the broader industry.

  • Market Expansion: By educating a diverse group of future real estate professionals, we're contributing to the expansion and dynamism of the market.

  • Positive Publicity: This initiative not only enhances our brand image but also attracts a broader array of students and clients to our other courses.

  • Fulfilling Personal Values: Inspired by our founder's personal journey from overcoming homelessness to success in real estate, we are deeply committed to helping others achieve stability and the American dream of homeownership.

  • Long-term Industry Health: We're contributing to the long-term health of the real estate industry by fostering a diverse and well-educated workforce.

Student and Tutor

Requirements for mentees

1.  Commitment to Learning: Mentees should demonstrate a genuine interest in learning about real estate and a commitment to completing the course.


2.  Age and Education: Candidates should be at least 18 years old. While a specific educational background may not be necessary, basic literacy and numeracy skills are important.


3.  Background Check: A basic background check might be required to ensure the safety and integrity of the program.


4.  Underserved or Minority Status: Priority may be given to individuals from underserved or minority communities, including African American communities, who are often underrepresented in the real estate industry.


5.  Personal Statement: A brief personal statement explaining why they wish to join the program, their goals, and how they believe the program will help them achieve these goals.


6.  Time Commitment: Willingness to commit to the duration of the course, including attending classes, completing assignments, and participating in mentoring sessions.

Requirements for Donors

1.  Alignment with Mission: Donors should align with the mission and values of The Impact Academy, supporting the goal of empowering underserved communities through education.


2.  Financial Contribution: A clear understanding of the financial commitment, whether it's a one-time donation or ongoing support.


3.  Transparency and Accountability: Willingness to participate in a transparent process where the use of funds is clearly communicated and accounted for.


4.  Engagement: While not mandatory, donors are encouraged to engage with the program beyond financial contributions, such as participating in events, sharing expertise, or offering internships to graduates.


5.  Non-Discriminatory: Donors should adhere to non-discriminatory practices, supporting the program's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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